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Nautilus, Seaview, and more

Postby Captain Nemo » Sat Mar 08, 2003 1:10 am


Just checkin' in...a little info for the LEAGUERS amongst us...

The NAUTILUS MINISUB is still receiving improvements when I have time, and the video is still scheduled for when everything is done. Still no actual date that I can be sure of. But now we'll have more to show. Like....

The NEMOSUIT. Functional replica of Captain Nemo's diving gear completed in January of 2003. I'm organizing a dive in the ocean to film it for the video.

The NAUTILUS DIVER. A functional replica of the diving gear worn by Captain Nemo's crewmen. Under construction at this time. Anybody with behind the scenes pictures of the actual DIVER rig is encouraged to share them with me via email to help make this project more accurate. I promise not to pass them on.

I've had two websites up for almost two years now: one dedicated to LEAGUES and the other to homebuilt submarines. All that's up now are the home pages while I revamp them with better graphics. I'll make an announcement here when there's something there worth seeing.

We're also being featured in a couple magazines soon; again, a disclosure here when it happens.

So....just wanted to see if this new board works, and it was a good chance to share some info with effer-buddy.

Will: great work on the 7-footer!

Bob: ditto on the 32.

Bjorn: thanks for the connect with the rubber-band man.

Everyone else: ENJOY!

Pat Regan
Vulcania Submarine, Hawaii
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