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Submarine707 Project

Nautilus, Seaview, and more

Submarine707 Project

Postby cdivine » Mon Sep 17, 2012 4:43 pm

For those of you who don't watch Anime this boat is based on the Anime version of this subject. Submarine707.

I am officially starting a thread here. I already have one of the same type on the SubPirates forum, but since not everyone is over there and I happen to be on both, for the rest of you here it is. I hope you like as much as I do. There are well over 10 different types of subs in this movie, but only about 4 of them have any significant air time. I will be focusing on 3 of them: The 707II, the UX-1, and the Juniors which are minisubs with forward mounted props.

I should mention that I have already finished work on the first two phases of two of these subs. Phase one being the blue prints, phase two being the 3d build. I should also mention that two of them were build in 3d from blue prints I made and will when I have the money be printed in 3d in a rigid plastic. The other sub, the UX, is a lost foam method build. I have listed my two completed boats for sale here on the SC forum under new product announcements for those of you interested in buying one or both. I will not be making the UX for sale since it will be a one off and fiberglass. I made it in fiberglass because of it's size. It has an 8 inch beam, whereas the 707 and Junior have less than a 4 inch beam each. The 707 is 22 inches long and the junior is 12 inches long perfect as a dynamic diver.

Stay tuned.

Here's the 3d build for the 707 and the Junior.


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