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SubRegatta 2013 Task List

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SubRegatta 2013 Task List

Postby Thor » Mon Apr 22, 2013 9:58 pm


We about have all of the tasks to pull the 2013 SubRegatta off spoken for. Please take a look below. If you see one you might consider taking on, or a group of you might want to take on please send me a PM and we will hang your name on it.

I am looking for a Focal point for the 2013 SubRegatta. Not a manager or director, a person who knows who is tasked with what at the Regatta and is willing to help problem solve, if needed. I would take on this task, but I am not 100% sure I will be able to attend this year so I am looking for someone to help. With all of the members we have had step forward to help, this should not be very much work. If you'd be willing to do this, please PM me. I will get you up to speed and fill you in on everything you need to know.

Obtain Sponsors and individuals for Raffle -Andrew Lawrence & SubCommitteeGB
Solicit Vendors for Raffle -Andrew Lawrence & SubCommitteeGB

Arrange SubSeminars-AVAILABLE

Event Advertising-Paul Crozer

Manage Daily Raffle/Raffle tickets-Bruce Martin and SubComOn

Regatta T-shirts-Paul Crozier and SubRon 5

Pre-registration-Dave Welch

Dash plaques & award plaques -Jim Butt

Site Set-up:
Tents, tables & chairs-(Tent set up by Contractor)-SubRon 8
Power-George Protchenko
Special Use Tables-SubRon 8
Site teardown and cleanup-SubRon 8

Registration table-Don Speilberger & Don May

Various Regatta Competitions/SubRegatta Competition Registration-AVAILABLE

Post SubRegatta Evening Activities-AVAILABLE

Raffle donor thank-you letters-AVAILABLE (this one is REALLY easy!)

SubCommittee Report article-Paul Crozier & SubRon 5

Transmitter Impound-Self Manage
Impound Area-Self Manage
Transmitter ‘Czar’-Self Manage
Frequency Allocation-Self Manage

SubRegatta Frequency Sign-out Sheet- Self Manage
SubRegatta Frequency Request Sheet-Self Manage

Again, thanks to all of you who have stepped forward to pitch in. There would be no Regatta with you!
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