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Welcome to the SubCommittee all!

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Welcome to the SubCommittee all!

Postby Thor » Sun Jan 29, 2012 5:00 pm

Welcome to the SubCommittee 2012! If the first electronic issue of the Report was any indication of the future of this publication, it is very bright indeed! I have found the color photos and the amount of visual information in the e-SCR truly stunning. Jeff is continually striving to provide constant improvement to a publication that is already recognized as the flagship hobby publication. Just when you think it can’t get any better, it does!

I would like to thank Jeff LaRue for providing stability and sanity to the organization during a time of transition from printed magazine to an e-zine format, and during a change of officers. That is a lot of turmoil to deal with in a very short amount of time.

We have a number of improvements that will be rolled out in the next few months. Among them, there will emphasis on adding more quality content to the SCR, along with guest columnists. This issue’s first guest columnist is none other than Jan Huizenga of The Netherlands. It is, indeed, an honor to have such an accomplished modeler contributing to the SCR as a guest columnist. Jan is the owner and builder of the USS FLYING FISH, which is an amazing rendition of the 1/48th scale Engle Gato. Jan will be contributing over the next few issues.

Following Jan, we have several more guest columnists lined up with some fantastic articles to share. The work of these gentlemen is truly humbling, and must be seen to be believed! The guest columnists will be the finest modelers from around the world, and you will only find them here. The e-SCR allows us to position ourselves to truly be a worldwide organization. The printed SCR made it very cost prohibitive for modelers outside of the United States to be active members. The e-SCR does away with that problem. We are actively seeking out and engaging modelers all over the globe.

We will, also, be adding the ability for all members of the SubCommittee to be able to download all past issues of the SCR in electronic format for a very nominal fee right off the website. There is also a free, downloadable issue of the e-SCR available for viewing on the SubCommittee website. Please follow the link ... r-2011.pdf.

Please pass this link around to your friends who may be interested in the hobby!

In other news, SubRegatta 2012 is a go! The 8-Balls have manned up and stepped forward to run this year’s event. The event will, once again, be offered in Carmel, Indiana and it will feature many new and fun events such as a true submarine ‘drag race’. In addition, the Navigation course will be returning as a regular feature. Some great prizes will be given for the winners of these special events. The Regatta is tentatively scheduled for the first weekend in August of 2012. Mark your calendars and stay tuned for more information as it becomes available.

I am very pleased to report that 2012 renewals have been coming in at an excellent pace, but there are still sub modelers and sub buffs that have yet to join or renew. There has been a lot of change in this hobby over the last 10 yrs. Some changes have been positive, and some have not. There have been a few members that have chosen not to renew for various reasons; some personal, some financial, and some for other reasons.

I know that there are a few out there that are upset with the SubCommittee as an organization for issues that have occurred over the last few years. Some are upset with individuals within the SubCommittee, or with vendors with whom they do not agree. I want to make a plea to you to consider joining and supporting this organization for one reason. We are all in this together. Without each other this hobby will not survive. This is a very small niche hobby. As such, we cannot afford to allow personal disagreements, or personality conflicts to distract us from the fact that this is the focal point for all things Submarine. We are bound together by our common interest and appreciation for these marvelous vehicles that ply beneath the waves. Whether your interest is the history of the submarine or r/c models, it all happens here. I am asking that we put the past behind us and unite behind our common ideals that bind us together as a group. If we allow other issues to pull us away from our passion for these interests, we truly risk losing the hobby completely. This hobby is replete with brilliant, eccentric, and creative individuals. That, by its very nature, is makings for a very lively group. Accept it for what it is and enjoy the great diversity of thought and talent permeating this hobby. As mature, intelligent individuals we can certainly come together to maintain this fascinating hobby for those coming along in behind us. Join us, and help make this hobby better for all!

I, also, want to ask you for your ideas and suggestions. This is your organization. This is your hobby. Please share your ideas on how to help us improve. Your voices will be heard. We have many fun activities planned for the upcoming year such as: 2012 SubRegatta, On-line build contests, membership drives and rewards, downloadable back issues, guest columnists, and many other ideas that are still in the concept and development phases. If you have an idea on how to help us improve the organization, website, Regatta, or anything else, please drop me an email! I look forward to seeing you all in August in Carmel. I hope you can make it!

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