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Rules for Posting Vendor Complaints

House rules for posting in the SubCommittee forum

Rules for Posting Vendor Complaints

Postby PaulC » Thu May 07, 2009 11:50 am

Submitted by Myles Yancey in President's Corner in Jan. 2009:

Rules for Posting a Complaint about a Vendor or their Products

1) Before posting a complaint about a vendor or their products you must first contact the vendor and try and resolve the problem with the vendor first.

Discussions of the merits of a vendor’s products are not considered to be complaints as long as the discussion does not violate the forum rules regarding personal attacks.

2) You must give the vendor a reasonable amount of time to resolve the problem. The vendor must also give the complainant the same period of time. The time limit is recommended to be 30 days. The issue must be settled within the time limit or either party may post their complaint.

3) If you post a complaint about a vendor you must post all correspondence you sent to the vendor and all his replies back you - without any modifications. This also applies to both individuals and the vendors.

4) If it is found that there is no merit to the post it will be removed right away, this applies to both vendor and customer.

5) If it is determined that a party in the dispute has misrepresented the facts (e.g. by editing e-mails, etc.) the offending party will be subject to the following conditions:
• 1st offense will result in a 30 day posting suspension.
• 2nd time offense will result in 120 day posting suspension.
• 3rd time offense will result in all posting privileges being suspended for 1 year from the time of the 3rd offense date.

6) While it is always advisable to pick up the phone and speak with the vendor in order to resolve any issues, posting a complaint and saying you had a phone conversation with the vendor will not be considered as proof of filing a complaint with a vendor or customer. It will be considered unsubstantiated. It is recommend that after the initial phone call the complainant follow-up with an e-mail that summarizes the phone call.

7) To make this clear to all parties, replies and responses must be in writing.

8 ) If it is found that either party to the complaint takes the complaint to another board before the 30 day period was up to settle the complaint the posting privileges of the guilty will be automatically suspended for 1 year.

9) If the President of the SubCommittee is asked by both parties to arbitrate the complaint, both parties will be required to abide by the President’s ruling.
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Paul Crozier
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