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CD-rom U-boats & Equip. - Two 1944 US Naval Intel manuals

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Postby U-5075 » Tue Mar 18, 2003 2:19 pm

History on CD-rom N555
This has both a manual on German Submarines
and one on German Submarine Equipment.
They are both dated 4/13/44

It is interesting to see and read what the US knew about U-boats then and what (reading between the lines) what concerned them the most. Also from 1943 on the Germans had been suffering heavy U-boat losses. It was interesting to see what they (the Germans) were doing to fend off those losses. Describes 21 types/classes, features 67 pages, 59 pictures, 8 silhouettes, 65 line drawings.

Also, there are many more CD-roms with US manuals covering many other topics, countries and hardware. (The ones of greatest potential interest: An Axis Sub. Manual 1942 for Allied Merchant Marine crews. One for Japanese Subs and equipment.)

Check out the sample pages with tables of contents there.

A small company. If you are placing an order you'll probably need to leave a phone message or place it by FAX. But they will probably get back to you that evening and the service is fast and the people were most helpful. Approx. $24 for this particular CD (N555) with shipping and handling.
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