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New Subcommittee Chapter - SubCom Inside Passage is formed!

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Postby Lyle Jansma » Mon Mar 17, 2003 11:10 pm


This post is in regards to the forming of a local for the Pacific Northwest Region. The name of the chapter is Subcommittee Inside Passage or simply SubComIP. The chapter includes all Subcommittee members in British Columbia and Washington State who wish to be included. Geographically, we are connected by a large inland sound that runs from Olympia, Washington through British Columbia and ends in Skagway, Alaska. In the 1800's this body of water was referred to as "The Inside Passage" and was one the main transportation routes between Washington and British Columbia. The Chapter is represented initially by four flotillas. For the members in British Columbia, the Vancouver Island Flotilla and the Lower Mainland Flotilla. For Washington State, the North Sound Flotilla and the South Sound Flotilla. This will help to localize members who are within 75 to 100 miles of each other. We hope to have four main patrols / meetings a year as a Chapter and individual Flotillas can get together throughout the year as time permits.

Our contacts are as follows:
Vancouver Island Flotilla - Romain Klassen ph# 250-595-4740
Lower Mainland Flotilla - Duane Hillier ph# 604-514-5976
North Sound Flotilla - Lyle Jansma ph# 360-738-1745
South Sound Flotilla - Erv Crosby ph# 425-339-9334

The annual Cultus Lake Patrol/Regatta held on May 3rd and 4th will be our first gathering as an official Subcommittee Chapter. I encourage all who are interested in attending to contact one of the members listed above for more info.


Lyle Jansma – SubComIP/ North Sound Flotilla

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