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Postby 85-1046056608 » Sun Mar 09, 2003 3:08 pm

To: The Executive Committee of The SubCommittee and all Members.

Over the last week or so posts have been placed on the SubComittee UK notice board that at times have been, shall we say less than "savoury".

In the past, far worse postings have been seen on these boards and the Executive have done little or nothing about it.

However it now seems censorship is to be imposed on the SC UK boards by The Executive Committee, why? Or should I say why now? Surely no one would stoop so low just because of the smart new Message Boards, would they?

Well Gentlemen, I think the whole situation stinks! More to the point who will be next on the censorship list? Then the next? Then the next?

Clive. (with email address supplied)

PS. I hope the moderator of this board allows this message to stand to stand for the benifit of all members and hopefully for the Exceutive Committee of The SubCommittee to see where their actions may ultimately lead. :(

Postby President » Sun Mar 09, 2003 4:02 pm

To address you inquiry...the reason the message base software was changed was that less than desirable messages left on our website and our inability to deal with them. We could either leave the message thread intact or delete the whole thread. This new smart software has the ability to edit messages, by either the moderator or message sender. In addition a single message can be deleted and the rest of the thread can stay and be accessed. I believe most people will agree with this statement and I feel strongly that the overall majority wanted this change.

Now you have the reason for the software change.....can you tell me how your messages were changed or moderated? Yes you and others members of SubCommittee UK were contacted and we expressed our displeasure with tone of the responses. I don't intend to make any apologies here as the overall desire of the message boards and website is to recruit new members. Should you desire to search the old database you will find several messages from me with the same theme. Can you say in all fairness that your responses would make someone want to join the SubComittee or SubCommittee UK?


Jim Wheeler
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Postby 85-1046056608 » Sun Mar 09, 2003 4:46 pm

Dear Jim,

I stand behind what I have said and I will not back down now. What started out as a little "quip" was seized upon and used in a manner not befitting or benefiting anyone in The SubCommittee or SubCommittee UK.

At least when I say something on the boards, other members are free to gain my email and MSN addresses. I don't hide behind a veil of secrecy. I also freely admit that the exchanges were not pleasant (from both parties) at times. I also take your point about how others would see the postings. However I have every right to protect myself and as I saw it/see it, the organisation I'm a member of.

If you had been the "whipping boy" in my shoes, I'm fairly certain you would have reacted in a like manner.

Offers were made to end the exchanges on several occasions but they were ignored........Why? Obviously he did not/does not have the SubCommittee's interests at heart, why? Try looking at Andrew Lawrences posts between 01 Jan 03 to the start of this board, you will soon find your answer


Clive Wadsworth.

Postby Sub culture » Sun Mar 09, 2003 5:27 pm

I welcome any member of the committee to search my posts for references to the AMS.

I don't think they'll find anything overly controversial in any post of mine.

BTW I would like to say, that I actively promote the Sub Committee at shows when sailing under the AMS banner, and I've yet to meet any rebuke from AMS members, many of whom are also members of the Sub Committee and have been astonished at the remarks made over the past few days.

If you want to change thinks, Clive, why don't you put yourself forward for selection.

Personally I think the guys are doing a fine job!

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Sub culture
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Postby VicePresident » Sun Mar 09, 2003 5:46 pm

Clive and others,

None of the officers of the SC necessarily disagree with the position that you have taken.

However, as in all postings to a public forum the way in which the position is stated can be important.

Contrary to what has been suggested by some, I do understand some of the issues that are behind these postings. All I have been asking for is that these postings remain polite and respective of others. It's when we lose sight of this, that our organization comes across as elitist and arrogant.

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Postby 87-1045888409 » Mon Mar 10, 2003 11:30 am

I applaud the efforts of the moderators to keep this message board on track. Looking back at the last several months before the format change over, the message board had become venomous and off subject. Had I not already been a member of the SC, the tone of the message board certainly would have disuaded me from joining. Jim Butt's membership statistics substantiate my arguement.

We are back on track now with hobby oriented messages. Just the other day I received a message from Clive (above) with advice about charging NiCAD batteries. I changed my whole battery scheme based on his advice and experience. That is what this message board is for!

To the SC officers and moderators: Thanks for having the courage to weather the criticism and remove or edit off subject or inapproprite messages.

Bill Marks

Postby Desert Boat » Mon Mar 10, 2003 12:16 pm

I want to echo Bill's comments; in the past, it got so old listening to people's ranting on others. This should have been done privately. The new format, etc., is excellent now that I've learned how to use it. By the way friends, I finally joined.

Ray Agee
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Ray Agee
SCM #2551
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Postby smwarships » Wed Mar 12, 2003 5:59 am

All I can say about this is , I will agree with Bill Marks about
all that has happened .
I was shocked by all that was being said on the message
board and I for one do not like being called names and insulted
especially when you don't even know me .
I am trying not to mention any names in my reply here and I
am sure that everyone knows what I am speeking about.
At any rate the name calling and arguing in print on a public
message board has put us all where we are today with this
board . If you never want to go to this type of message board
you should have saved your personal attacks for your personal email addresses instead of a public message board.

Well I have said my two cents worth .
I welcome the change , this board will help to increase our
numbers in the membership .
We need to build on this foundation and increase our numbers
this is our goal and it will help us all in the end results .

Darle Bennett

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Postby Casey Thrower » Wed Mar 12, 2003 10:31 pm

President wrote:Clive
This new smart software has the ability to edit messages, by either the moderator or message sender. In addition a single message can be deleted and the rest of the thread can stay and be accessed.Jim Wheeler

Just remove the UK message board until they decide to behave themselves. They have their own board on their site anyway.

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