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Cold Water

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Postby Carter » Mon Sep 29, 2003 4:30 pm

My lake is cooling down--it's dipping down into the forties at night, and the first frost is due soon. Are there any problems that go along with driving a sub in cold water? How cold can the water get before it becomes a problem?

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Postby AntoineL » Mon Sep 29, 2003 4:41 pm

Hi Carter

I know at least 3 effects a cold water could have on your model :

1 - The low temperature will change the density of the water, so you may have to re-trim your model

2 - The cold decreases the autonomy of your batteries

3 - If you use a gas ballast system, the cold will decrease the number of possible blows.

If you have these effects in mind, there is nothing that cannot let you sail your sub in a cold lake.

I lived a very nice experience when a bunch of friends and I ran our models under the ice of a frozen lake in Paris. One of the models was the SSN 571 :;):
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Postby TMSmalley » Mon Sep 29, 2003 11:25 pm

As a cold water state water safety guy, I have to also remind you of the dangers of hypothermia in a swimming retrieve if you lose your boat. A guy drowned in cold water a couple of years ago trying to get his surface model that got away from him in 50 degree water. In fact, there is a saying among water safety experts that you have a 50 / 50 chance of swimming 50 yards in 50 degree water. Even less in cooler water. If you have to go in - get an insulated dry suit or find somebody who has one!

Lecture over.

Tim Smalley
Boat and Water safety education coordinator
Minnesota Department of Natural Resources

On-line hypothermia information :)
Tim Smalley
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Postby Novagator » Tue Sep 30, 2003 8:03 am

Just get a dry suit for your scuba gear.
John Cottingham
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