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Postby smwarships » Mon Sep 08, 2003 5:39 pm

Hello All ,

I recently ordered a TEE Valve from SubTech and some 1/8"
shaft seals .
I purchased the ballast pump that works with this TEE Valve
last year, Skip was out of the TEE Valve at that time .

Can anyone tell me anything about this TEE Valve ?
How it works and how to hook it up ??

I remember seeing an article about the TEE Valve somewhere
on the web and I have tried to find it . I searched for the
article almost everyday last week without any luck . ???
If any one knows the location of this article or can send me a
copy , it would be greatly appreciated. :D

Thank you for your time and help ,
Scale Model WarShips

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Postby kd6hq » Tue Sep 09, 2003 2:21 am

Darle - I'm new to this but this is my understanding.
This is a picture of the internal ballast tank used in the USS Marlin / Albacore from SubTech. This component is made up of two one-way valves that control the airflow to the tank. The valve has three openings, two of which have hoses on them; the other is at the bottom of the ballast tank. The opening at the bottom of the valve (Tube 3) connects to the fresh air tube in the conning tower. Tube 1, connection that leads to the free flood area. Tube2, water/fresh air tube which remains inside of the ballast tank. Tube 4 leads to an optional gas (air) ballast system.



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