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Postby 70-1048541373 » Mon Jul 28, 2003 6:17 pm


I just want to say thanks for all the effort that was put out for this meet. This was the first one I have attended and I enjoyed it. I am gratefull to all those that took the time to answer my un-ending list of questions. I wont try and list all those who gave of their time for me, easier to say ... just start at table #1 and when you get to the last table, that will be everyone!

Great show... Great vendors... GREAT prizes and most of all, GREAT people!

Mike :D

Postby Crazy Ivan » Tue Jul 29, 2003 12:50 am

I'm just sitting down at the PC after the 8 hour drive home from Johnson R.I. Let me add my thanks to all of you guys who made S/R 03 possible. It was great to see old friends again, and make some new ones.

This year's SubRegatta was a landmark event for me. While I had attended for the past three years, this was the first time I actually had a boat to run. Two new boats, actually. First off, this weekend saw the maiden voyage of my nearly completed Fulton Nautilus. Not only did she plow the waves under propeller power, but with the stiff breeze blowing, she really took off under sail power as well (see the Ray Mason video when it's available). After three years of construction, I was really thrilled by the amount of interest this boat generated. Many thanks to all of you who offered kind words of admiration, advice and encouragement. I especially want to thank everyone (Scott, Jim, Don provided me with extra flotation foam, mounting tape, and whatever else was needed to get the boat operational. OK, so she didn't quite dive yet (well actually she did a bit in reverse!) and she wouldn't turn worth a #### (except in reverse of course!). But these things will be worked out. I couldn't think of a better place to do the first sea trials.

The real surprise to me was how much fun it was just to cruise around among the other boats with my newly operational Dumas Akula. I just couldn't get enough. Also unfinished at this time (BigDave Welch's detailing job on his really puts me to shame!), the as yet unpainted "White Russian's" hull proved to be a plus for visibility in the murky waters of the pond. With apologies to any other sub drivers whom I may have caused to sound the collision alarm (I'm still getting the hang of this underwater navigation stuff), this was the Akula's (and my) first time out of the pool and out in the open waters with the 'Big Boys'. I was amazed at what this so-called 'pool toy' could do given some sea room. Being a dynamic diver she did prove near impossible to hold at any depth, particularly at the lively speeds she seemed capable of.

To the rescue came Skip Asay with his new APC-4 pitch controller. Ah, the advantages of doing sea trials where the masters of the trade have gathered! This little baby, with it's small footprint and ability to be mounted either flat, upside down or on either edge, made for a quick installation inside the Akula's stingy internal real estate. Now I was driving a different boat. Hands-off control at periscope depth, no more porposing... just like the old pros! Now I was really having a ball. From the comments I received, the crowd seemed to like it too; dirty scraped up unfinished hull and all. Now I see why you old timers have been so addicted all these years!

Well, enough bubbling over. Thanks again to all who made this a really memorable event for me. :) :laugh: :D

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Postby Larry Kuntz » Tue Jul 29, 2003 8:13 pm

Crazy Ivan said it all. It was my forth year (third as a member) and I had fun.... Crazy Ivan handed me the controls and now I can't wait to get my Akula ready. I have yet to build a sub, bought an Akula kit last year and was waiting to observe some sea trials. Now I'm ready to start work, full speed ahead, darn the torpedoes and all. Big Dave's detail on his Akula was great! I hope I can do 50% as good as he did.
It was good to see everyone again. I really missed seeing the old night run, but the talk was good too. The weekend passes too quickly though. Thanks to all that answered any of my questions about building, tricks, tips, etc. (Just hope I can remember half of the stuff as I build).
:) :)
Larry Kuntz
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