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Seehund details in June 03 SC Report - 12 photos, good details

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Postby U-5075 » Mon Jun 02, 2003 3:25 pm

In the SubCommittee Report, "Further Seehund Remarks" by Klaus Mattes shows some interesting details. The close-up of Arnold Krug and his leading engineer on the conning tower shows the lack of the second periscope-like brass tube housing the "externally" mounted magnets of the main compass. This tube was lost under a bridge in Antwerp.

The first underwater shot is of our Seehund now at the USS Salem museum. Note the elongated diamond reinforcement above the Kort Jet. Our's is the only Seehund to have this reinforcement. "All Seehunds were different." Klaus Mattes.

The Kort Jet around the propeller was used effectively to reduce propeller noise. However, according to Klaus Mattes, if the war had continued, the designers would have gone back to the double rudder, which gave better turning efficiency.

The good looking guy at the periscope apparently was not a Seehund crewmember. None of the surviving Seehund veterans remembered this fellow. It is believed that he was simply either an actor or someone selected for his heroic, Germanic good looks.

The crewman who actually seems to be doing something was not an actor, but an actual Seehund crewmember, an L.E. (leading engineer). And the inside joke was "who else was there, that he could lead?"

Also from the "Sneak Craft" movie is a photo of a Marder, a one man torpedo being mounted onto a test or practice torpedo. Two very good detail shots show the front mounting bracket on the "child" torpedo -- front and side views of the bracket!

There is a unique underside view, showing the bottom of a Seehund keel. We have one and I did not realize that it was that wide-and-flat on the bottom!

There is a shot of a practice torpedo being fired off of Key West Florida. One can bearly see a SMALL bow fender somewhat like one finds on the bow of a tug boat. So far I've only seen this detail on European Seehund models.

Here is a detailed shot of an earlier Seehund on a trailer. One can better see the bow fender. There are number of smaller steel plates welded to the lower part of the bow. There is a practice torpedo mounted. And although the boat does have a spray shield extending out on the front upper part of the conning tower, it does not have a wave-breaker in front of the lower part of the conning tower. This photo is seen in several U-boat books, but the detail is significantly better here.

In the second underwater shot, our Seehund has become leveled off at its desired dive depth, hence all of the bubbles.

The last photo is my favorite. "Oh Lord, Thy sea is so large and my boat is so small." This stern-view of a Seehund shows why the commander kept a supply of dry towels at his station inside and why the plexiglass bubble hatch got closed when the seas reached the monumental height of three feet.
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