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6' Nautilus for sale on 20K fan site

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Postby Bob the Builder » Sun May 04, 2003 10:27 am

There was a new posting for a 6' Disney Nautilus for sale on DISNEYS_20-000_Leagues fan site in Yahoo last night.


This is close enough to 66" (or 1/32 scale) that I thought I'd bring it up here due to the recent misunderstandings between certain parties over the last week in regards to Nautilus kits being purchased and not paid for in full.

If it is this "certain party", then I would urge everyone not to bid on the model until the disagreement between him and the vendors are resolved. I believe that Jim Wheeler is looking into the matter and will let us know what he comes up with shortly. If the individual is rooking vendors, then he's selling stolen property.

The individual's e-mail address is [email][/email] If this is not the person in the aforementioned postings, please accept my humblest apologies for bringing this up.

If it is, I'd urge you not to buy from him until this matter is resolved.
Bob Martin,
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Bob the Builder
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Postby modelmaker » Sun May 04, 2003 3:05 pm

To everyone,

I highly suspect that this 6 foot is in fact the kit I sold to Dan last October, to which I took a lot of false heat over.

No matter what Marsha comes up with in Dan's defense against Marc D'Antonio at F/X models, it's complete rubbish and fabrication. They did the same thing to me, and I had to battle the District Attroney's office and the convince the BBB that I had in fact not committed any bad business.

Ask the owner, if the tail is still ( supposedly ), "torqued to one side", as he claimed in his attacks on me.

Buyer beware of a whole lot of trouble if this is in fact Dan Cusumano. Secondly, ask for pictures and if anyone would like to have me evaluate said pictures ( if this is my boat ), I'd bne happy to give you my "professional opinion".

If this is not Dan selling a 6 foot Nautilus, you have my apologies, openly and publicly.

Jim Key - Custom Replicas
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