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Blueback Exhausts

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Postby Carter » Fri May 02, 2003 12:06 pm

I am repainting my Blueback, and I was wondering about the exhaust openings--at the rear of the casing, rectangular, two to port and one starboard. At Tim's site there is a photo of Blueback before refurbishing, and the port openings are visible as two large vertical rectangular holes in the casing, but in the refurbished Blueback on display the openings have been covered with sheetmetal. What did the openings look like on the operational boat? What would you see if you looked into these openings? A chute with the exhaust opening at the top, maybe? How deep were they? Were they covered with a flap? Does anybody have photos or drawings, or can you make a sketch? If they were as open and as large as they appear on the photo of the delapidated Blueback, then I'd like to represent them on my model. Thanks for your advice.
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Postby Britt Boyette » Fri May 02, 2003 9:59 pm

The picture you saw at Tim's site is how they looked. They did hang out a little in the boats early years but later on, they were trimmed flush. How deep they where, I can't tell you but in your scale, it would look like a little black hole. In 1/48th, you could do it with brass tubing but it would only need to be about 3/8" deep at the most to look right. I would use Grimmy Black by Floquil to paint the inside of the exhaust and regular hull black on the out side and call it good.
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