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I-400 query from Panama - message from sub enthusiast in Panama

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Postby 112-1051614675 » Tue Apr 29, 2003 7:43 am

see below for our replies to a query that recently came in to the Pacer Farm's research desk from a visitor to the I-400 page. sender can be contacted at (he does not appear to be a native speaker of English, as his query seems to have been prepared with translation software or a bilingual dictionary).

========== reply (english)

dear Mr. Alfaro,

thank you for your mesage about your interest in the IJN submarine I-400. as noted in the text of the I-400 page, after its arrival at Pearl Harbor and subsequent analysis it was taken to deep water off Oahu and sunk by torpedoes.

the wreck's precise location and current conditon remain unknown to this day. we do know that it was damaged before sinking, and that it has been submerged in very deep water for more than 50 years. considering these factors it is difficult to see how the I-400 would be a likely candidate for salvage using presently available technology. we are not aware of any group engaged in this project.

we do wish you the best of luck in your endeavours.

========== reply (Spanish)

estimado señor Alfaro,

gracias por su mesage sobre el submarino I-400 de la IJN (armada del imperio de Japón).

como se indica en el texto de la página I-400, después de llegar a Pearl Harbor y de ser evaluado, el I-400 fue remolcado a aguas profundas, fuera de la isla de Oahu y hundido con torpedos.

la localización exacta y la condición actual de los restos son
desconocidos. sabemos que fue dañado antes de hundirse, y que ha permanecido sumergido a gran profundidad por más de 50 años. en vista de estos factores, es difícil saber si el I-400 es un candidato probable para un salvamento basado en cualquiera de las tecnologías actualmente disponibles. no estamos al tanto de ninguna organización que este trabajando en este proyecto.

le deseamos la mejor de las suertes con su iniciativa.

========== original query

hello sir.

i am living in Panama city,Republic of Panama
my name if Wladimir K.Alfaro M.and worked how librarian in government Library.

my parents if from Las perlas archipielago,in San Miguel sea Town.
my interest in this history if when see your interesting page and observed why the route of I-400 debt to finalizing in USA(california) or Panama,i remembering the case of German Unterseboot Captured in South Atlantic,front a Africa Coast.these sub are sended to Us Navy facilities and final to sended at Chicago History Museun to display in actual times.

in other cases,i remember why in front of Neederland Coast in past years ones researchers Rescued one submerged and dameged german sumbarine for finding documents.these historical piece debt stay now in one museum.

i questioned why not rescued and restauring the I-400 Submarine to sended at one museum ? i remembering the Panama route,these submarine can to stay ubiqued in Las Perlas Archipielago (san Miguel) or in Panama Canal Area too or in one coastal area.for suppose debt to having one fundation why charged the rescue,restauring and displaying the respective I-400 Museum.additionally,these historical piece complement at Aichi M6A1 Seiran displaying in Washington museum.i proposed Panama,preciselly for why these submarine debt to finalizind your route in these area or Usa and preciselly your attack unit debt to making attack to Panama Canal.

for why if in case of Chicago Museum poses your Unterseboot,can to Panama no poses your I-400 Museum,the unique case of one enemy attacker stay more near of making one strike in Panama Canal.and these historical piece stay for benefict of interest,researchers and general public.

well if one humble propose,why only if making reality if exist persons or organizations interest in making to rescued,restaured and display these unique historical respect i sended ones examples to ones forms to recovering firms why i invented for these historical campaing in english and spanish.

well sir i expect no causing molest with my humble propose,if you encounter any research group,organizations or persons with needed capital for these great empress,you can to proposed this interesting historical work.

more thanks
one humble historical interest in case of I-400 Submarine
Mr Wladimir K.Alfaro M.


G. T. Paine
Washington Grove Pacer Farm
Washington Grove, MD
MP 20.5 on the CSX (former B&O) Metropolitan Subdivision

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