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German midget u-boote, manned torpedoes - Finding, collecting info & photos

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Postby U-5075 » Fri Apr 25, 2003 7:30 am

MY PRIMARY GOAL is to search for, collect, preserve and make available info on German manned torpedoes and midget submarines. Along the way, this info will be used to rebuild our Seehund. Additionally we have collected a lot of ORIGINAL, WWII vintage info, detailed enough to be of value to a model U-boat builder.

We are rebuilding the Seehund at the USS Salem Museum. This is the one that came from the USS Nautilus Museum. We now have a very good collection of photos, informational details, and first hand personal histories of former crew members.

What's now happening is that we've pretty well maxed out on Seehund information we will be getting. We are in contact with Klaus Mattes author of Die Seehunde. There are still a few pockets of info, photos and WWII motion picture images here and there, but not much more is left. The bad news for the detail conscious model builder is that there was a continuing evolution of this boat (along with other Kleinst-craft). The dark humor and reality was that "No two Seehunds were built alike." (statement by Klaus Mattes)

What's really new is that, in this past month, we have surpassed other people and organizations in our collection of Neger/Marder photographs and motion picture imagery. Additionally, we have about as much original, WWII written history (probably more). This includes a rather detailed Marder POW interrogation report (the POW info is contrasted with OSS and US Navy intel knowledge and observations of captured manned torpedoes). We soon hope to have additional (Kriegsmarine veterans) sources of original information.

We also have interesting photos, video imagery, and POW debriefing intel. reports for these kleinst-u-boote.

WHAT WE DO NOT HAVE is info and misc. stuff on the more experimental midget subs. Info on these boats are best found in THE U-BOAT by Eberhard Rossler.
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Postby AntoineL » Fri Apr 25, 2003 2:25 pm

Many thanks for that my friend !!!!!!!
Keep doing that wonderful job of research and collection of infos .

A bientôt

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