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No excuses.

Postby Bigdave » Wed Sep 11, 2013 5:56 pm

The carnage is over all but the crying. :cry: :cry:
Toot the tug is no longer the king of pulling in the mini class.
Kevin and his tug won the Tugoff at the North lake event.
I can't fault Toot as it is all my doing.
I forgot I had removed a lot of weight from the inside to make the boat easier to handle.
The weight attaches to the keel to bring the hull down to pulling waterline.
Without this weight the boat is very unstable as can be seen in the video CI took.

I also should not have run as my ESC cooling pump was broken.
But I said I did not come to not pull so I decided if it burned up :shock: O well!
I will be interesting to pull again with my hull ballasted correctly.
And maybe Kevin only running 11.1V instead of 14.4V.

But it was fun. I would not have missed it. :mrgreen: BD.
David Welch
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