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1/48 scale Japanese I-19 Class B Submarine

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1/48 scale Japanese I-19 Class B Submarine

Postby JimDavis » Sat Jun 08, 2013 7:36 pm

Good day all
I have too pick the brains of the great sub builders and historians here. I want to make the front bow planes functional up, down and then retract. the retract mechanics I have worked out to do with 1 servo and a sail servo, or a motor running a threaded rod to pull and push the planes in and out. Here is the problem I have run into as big as this hull is the bow is very narrow and I have been searching high and low for pictures of a bow shot looking back. I can find plenty of the side shots with the planes in or out. but not one of bow looking back with the planes deployed. here is the problem there is not enough room to put the planes side by side retracted. on the French submarine Surcouf one plane was higher than the other. this is a must for my build as I want to go back and correct my Surcouf at a later time.

My design is to make a sliding plate of 1/4 inch plexiglass to hold all the moving parts so it can be removed for maintenance, now if I stagger the planes so one slides atop the other there is going to be a 3/8 difference in height to make it work. will this make a difference in the handling of the sub? did the Japanese have this problem in real? This sub is almost 7 feet long and the front planes are very small. tomorrow I want to make the tray and put the planes in with the pivot points and see how it works before I cur the slots for the planes.

Also another question how fast did planes retract on a working submarine? I know I am asking some very difficult questions as there is just not that much out there on this class of submarine. I have looked high and low for a set of blue prints and came up empty handed There is more info on the I-400 series than any thing else. I actually have a set of blueprints for the Surcouf .

any input will be great help.
I am going to start a build log tomorrow, but I have a month to work on her then if all goes right I have a major back surgery on the 10th of July to free a trapped nerve in my back and hopefully the pain will go away,
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Re: 1/48 scale Japanese I-19 Class B Submarine

Postby raalst » Sun Jun 09, 2013 10:20 am

There is another possibility (I'm just guessing)

I do have a photo with the plane totally turned in (I-75, right side, no idea if this is a B or something different).
here the dive plane turned backward to extend. at the turning point, there is a larger gap in the hull than for the rest of the dive plane.

It COULD be that the other side turned forward to extend, storing the planes not next to each other but after each other in the hull.

you can check that guess : if you have a photo of the left side and see the gap is broader at the front, then my guess is likely to be true.

I noticed this on several of the sketches in the book(Uboote im 2.weltkrieg, by Erminio Bagnasco) but these sketches are notoriously untrustworthy...

Ronald van Aalst

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