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John Darnell

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John Darnell

Postby Richard » Sat Nov 17, 2012 5:33 am

Not really sure where to post this, but if it's in the wrong place, could somebody move it for me? Thanks..

Just to let you guys know that John Darnell, the Godfather of UK submarine modelling has passed away...I had an email from his daughter yesterday.

Very sad news indeed, if it wasn't for John, the sub modelling scene in the UK wouldn't be where it is today, he more or less started the whole thing off for us.

He will be sorely missed amongst the sub modelling fraternity.

RIP John...

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Re: John Darnell

Postby JWLaRue » Sat Nov 17, 2012 11:29 am

If someone would volunteer to provide me a write-up about John D., I'd like to include it in the December SCR.


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Re: John Darnell

Postby Sub culture » Sat Nov 17, 2012 2:11 pm

I would write something, but don't feel qualified, as I never met John, and only spoke to him on the telephone on one occasion, when he very briefly returned to a one-off production of kits in late nineties. The tools were sold on to Metcalf Mouldings, and sold on again to Models by Designs who still produce the Darnell range today.
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