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Group Project

Postby Mkeatingss » Sat Jul 12, 2008 4:50 pm

It was a small meeting, today, only Adam (his place), Ray Agee and his son John, and I showed up. But, since Adam was there (our President), it was enough.
We decided to help the Sub Vets out, with their USS Phoenix (SSN702) project. They're building a 1:15 model of Phoenix, and need help with the nose cone.
Jim Dezien, our contact, will bring the styrofoam disks out, after the 20th. We'll glue them together and sand the form to shape, Jim will also bring the template, to insure correct shape. It's a pretty straight-forward job.
Once we've got the shape right we'll fiberglass, sand and do the scribing detail.. Then it goes back to the Sub Vets for fianal assemble and painting. The Phoenix is planned to be ready (as a float) for the Veteran's Day parade, on Nov 11.
Adam was nice enough to volunteer his garage, as a work area. As soon as we get the parts, we'll let everbody know, and work out working times with Adam.
Mike K.
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