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Indian Arihant Class SSBN does it exist?

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Indian Arihant Class SSBN does it exist?

Postby David H » Wed Apr 21, 2010 5:11 am

G'day all,

I have been trolling the internet and coming across information about a new indian submarine. claimed to be the new Indian SSBN "Arihant" class.

there seems to be a fair bit written about this boat and that it was launched a while ago and that it's in sea trials or something to that effect.

Yet when you do a google image search, you cannot find one verifiable image of this boat. I see lots of pictures of Russian boats, artists impressions and the like but nothing looking like an SSBN that I haven't seen yet. So i'm guessing this boat does'nt exist , would that be right? I see no hard evidence.......

I simply don't believe that india is event close to developing a seaborn nuclear deterrent yet.

comments please..

David Hughes. :roll:
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