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Declassified Glomar Explorer records

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Declassified Glomar Explorer records

Postby Tom Dougherty » Sat Feb 20, 2010 12:14 pm

The CIA recently declassified additional information on the (Hughes) Glomar Explorer. Even now, much material has been redacted from the document.
You can read it here:

This move may be in response to the film :"Azorian: The Raising of the K-129". See film trailer and other information at:
The film features actual video footage from the Capture Vehicle (CV, aka "the Claw") of the K-129 wreck.

Incidentally, I have been asked about the PAL format of the film. Yes, it will play fine on computer DVD drives in the US. Some home DVD machines will also play the PAL Region 0 format. We are still waiting for PBS to release the NTSC (US DVD format). Meanwhile, Norman Polmar is hard at work on a book based on the research and other materials developed for the film.
Tom Dougherty
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