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Salvaging the wreck with the secret multi-$B cargo

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Salvaging the wreck with the secret multi-$B cargo

Postby U-5075 » Tue Oct 13, 2009 1:18 pm

The short version.

These are the guys who claimed to have found the U-boot off of
Cape Cod about 10+ years ago, then a multi- billion dollar wreck
between Haiti and Florida and then another big $$$ wreck a few
years ago. They are looking for investors.......... or at least they won't
turn any away.

Includes one video of small boat in rough seas and one photo of bow of their salvage ship.

Bad Weather Hampers Billion Dollar Recovery
Sub Sea Research has been over the shipwreck several times only to be driven off by heavy seas. Captain Greg Brooks stated "This has been the worst offshore weather in decades, but we will keep at it until we recover all the treasure aboard."

Portland, Maine (PRWEB) October 13, 2009 --

The German U-Boat U87 fired 2 torpedoes at the freighter "Port Nicholson". Both torpedoes hit the ship and several hours later she sank. What is remarkable about this ship is that she carried a secret cargo of bullion headed from Europe to the U.S. That cargo is 71 tons of platinum. At the time of sinking, it was un-salvageable because of depth restrictions, and the fact officials placed her sinking in the wrong spot. She was not to be found until Sub Sea Research began the hunt in 2007. The company filed a federal claim on the site as soon as the wreck was located.

Utilizing their 220' salvage ship "M/V Sea Hunter", operations for recovery began in July. The companies two ships left Portland Maine and headed to the wreck site offshore Cape Cod Ma.

Captain Greg Brooks said, "From day one the seas were un-cooperative, it would start out with 3' to 5' seas and become 10' to 15' in no time at all. It gets very dangerous working on a moving ship in rough seas."

The company is in negotiations to purchase a manned submarine to work along with their Remotely Operated Vehicle to better enhance recovery operations. "A manned submarine will give us a better view of the wreck site and help in recovering the platinum as well as an enhancement for other "key sites we have" upon completion of the Port Nicholson," says Captain Brooks.

Sub Sea also located a sunken cargo ship in Maine waters worth an estimated $500 million , and is trying to work out a contract with the state of Maine. "The state would get $150 million from the recovery, a big boost to the economy in this tough time," said Brooks.

The companies two ships are berthed in Boston Ma. to be closer to the wreck site as sea conditions warrant. Brooks says, " It's just a matter of time, but we never give up!"


Lots of photos of similar WWII ships are shown in this news article.

Murky treasure ship find raises doubts
Identity of vessel less than clear...

Yesterday's Sunday Telegraph carries a report that a US salvage company has found a torpedoed cargo ship, which they claim contains the greatest ever maritime treasure from a wreck.

The photo that accompanies the article is a blurred fascimile that is supposed to be the wreck. They have, according to the Telegraph, codenamed the vessel 'BLUE BARON" as they do not want the identity of the vessel made known, not her exact whereabouts.

A member of staff at the Sunday Telegraph linked the photo to a vessel called the PORT NICHOLSON and Shipping Times has located a photo that is the original of this fascimile which clearly shows that the Telegraph was correct. The photo IS that of the PORT NICHOLSON. She was lost off Cape Cod, sunk by U87 on 16 June, 1942.

This rather casts a doubt on the company's insistence that U87 sunk their wreck in June '42. From available records it is quite clear U87 was never off Guyana in that year, never mind that month. In fact in all her (short) career she spent her time exclusively patroling either the Iberian coast or on the North Atlantic.

On 19th May 1942 she left St. Nazaire to start a 51 day patrol of the North Atlantic. From data obtained at it is evident each day was plotted faithfully until she retuned to St. Nazaire on the 8th July. At no time could she, or did she, deviate from this patrol.

This then rules out this particular U-boat but leaves us with the questions on the wreck the company say they have found and, if she was a war loss, who sent her to the bottom.

The company claims their wreck lies 40 miles off Guyana and was on a voyage from Europe to New York with 'land-lease materials' - including gold bullion, gems and ingots of copper and other metals.

Shipping Times has looked at the records of every ship sunk by U-boats in June of 1942 and none of the sinkings match, not even closely.

In the Telegraph the company insists U87 sank their vessel in the location they have found her:

"...Sub Sea Research claims to have located the submarine's log book which prove it did sink the "Blue Baron", as well as documents from the port of origin, the US Treasury and the Lend-Lease programme giving clues as to what was on board."

It is beyond credibility that U87 was in that area at the time and even more incredulous that her movements should be covered up. Also, crew on the sunken vessel would have known what was in her hold.

Here is a list of vessels known to have sunk in the region of Guyana (we presume this refers to what was known as British Guiana ). We think we may have located the nearest wreck if we accept the US salvage company's location. However, not all facts fit for any one vessel as described by them

Nearly all of the vessels look similar or could be construed as similar to the photo provided by the company.

[Then this article shows a bunch of WWII ship photos and provides ship details.]

Whilst we cannot be sure of the vessel in question, one thing is certain, she cannot have been sunk on the date that the salvage company thinks, nor by the U-boat claimed. Any of the above could be the ship and we'd be delighted to hear from Sub Sea Research if our efforts have helped ID their wreck.

With thanks to and from which most data has been obtained


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