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162' long sub interior from "Down Periscope" to be auctioned

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162' long sub interior from "Down Periscope" to be

Postby U-5075 » Thu Jul 16, 2009 9:19 am

Buy a Piece of Hollywood

(July 15, 2009 - Toronto, Ontario) - Property Masters, studios and film buffs should get their chequebooks ready for one of the largest auctions of Hollywood props to ever go under the hammer. Almost 94,000 items will be auctioned on site and online later this month in what is being billed as the largest prop auction in history.

If you've ever wanted to have your very own alien from the series The X Files, then this is the auction you've been waiting for. Plus, there is 8,000 square feet of vintage indoor lighting fixtures, 18,000 square feet of sofas and tables, there are desks, bars and restaurant booths, props from pirtate ships, more than a dozen wild animal props, 400 area rugs, and the Space Pod used in the Mike Myer's Austin Powers movies. If Moses Znaimer is still collecting televisions, then he'll probably find something for his collection.

What must be the largest prop in the auction is a 162-foot long interior of a submarine. Used in the Twentieth Century Fox Film Down Periscope, which starred Kelsey Grammar, Fox constructed a mock-up of a World War II vintage submarine, complete with torpedo room, sleeping quarters, messquarters, control room, and operational periscope. Mickey Michaels was the Set decorator for the movie. The submarine detaches into six sections, with several of the sections pre-rigged for motion and special effects use. The interior of the submarine was decorated authentically to the most minute detail. Workable lighting throughout the sub, authentic looking control panels and mock torpedoes in the torpedo room are just some of the details. The sleeping quarters are complete with bed frames and mattresses. The sub even has authentic looking hatch doors between compartments. And now it could be yours.

The auction is so large it will run from July 28th to 31st. If you plan to bid online you have to register in advance. There's more information online at the Great American Group website
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Postby Novagator » Thu Jul 30, 2009 1:23 pm

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