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Postby U-5075 » Sun May 31, 2009 4:08 pm

A routine Google search for sub submarine in the news kicked out the report below.

Basically this website is a self-proclaimed blog site.

This (Turner Radio Network) is NOT related to Turner Broadcasting or Ted Turner's broadcast network. And this site's originator, Harold Charles "Hal" Turner, is not Ted Turner.

Also no other news services are carrying this story. ... -ship.html


Washington, DC (TRN) -- The U.S. National Reconnaissance Office which manages United States military spy satellites, issued an alert this morning regarding North Korea.

According to the alert, which was seen by the Turner Radio Network, U.S. spy satellites code named "Misty-2" and "Lacrosse -4" detected a "diffuse energy signature" emanating from an ocean shipping container loaded onto an ocean container ship at the port of Chiongjin in northeastern North Korea.

The energy signature is one that could be expected if a nuclear bomb was inside the shipping container.

That ship has set sail into the Sea of Japan.

The vessel is now under constant satellite surveillance and the U.S. Navy is deciding what to do about it. A military officer with knowledge of the situation told TRN:

"The ship has to be stopped and inspected but we can't send any ships to put a shot across her bow, order it to heave-to and prepare to be boarded. If it is a bomb, the North Korean ship Captain may have orders to detonate it if confronted at sea. That would kill any ship trying to board her.

We can't send in attack aircraft to sink the ship without verifying what's in the shipping container.

A submarine could safely torpedo the ship to sink it before the crew could detonate a bomb - if it's a bomb. The sub would survive underwater if a bomb went off, but since North Korean nuclear technology is very unstable a torpedo might cause the bomb to detonate anyway. The sub would survive, but the radiation released by an accidental detonation will cause terrible problems.

Even in the best case scenario, if it is a bomb and the ship is sunk without a bomb detonation, there's the whole issue of having a nuclear bomb at the bottom of the Sea of Japan. The environmental damage from leaking plutonium would be catastrophic, poisoning the ocean and killing sea life for thousands of square miles.

This is an unimaginable act by North Korea and is going to end badly for everyone."
At present, the ship is heading out into the Sea of Japan. Its destination is unknown. If it is heading toward Japan, it can be within range of a major Japanese City within 2 days. If it is not heading out to Japan, it can reach the U.S. west coast in about 14 days.

More details as they become available. Check back
at 5/30/2009 01:09:00 PM
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Postby DavieTait » Mon Jun 01, 2009 3:20 pm

It is a tactic I expected from the North Korean nutters I must admit , that and cutting one of their inshore subs in half and sticking in a 5-8m insert to build in a nuke for a one way trip to Seol........
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Postby Robert » Sat Jun 20, 2009 11:19 pm

Apparently the Turner guy is some sort of right wing nut who was recently arrested. So I was inclined to write this off as paranoid ravings. However it's just shown up here At least this sounds like a similar story.
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