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Chief of Boat (USS HARTFORD) sacked after collision

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Chief of Boat (USS HARTFORD) sacked after collision

Postby U-5075 » Wed Apr 29, 2009 9:52 am ... B_042809w/

Chief of Hartford sacked after collision

By Andrew Scutro - Staff writer
Posted : Tuesday Apr 28, 2009 19:28:07 EDT

The top enlisted sailor aboard the attack submarine Hartford was fired last week, the latest fallout from the boat’s collision with an amphibious ship near the Strait of Hormuz.

Master Chief Electronics Technician (SS) Stefan Prevot, the sub’s chief of the boat, was relieved last week in the Persian Gulf before the crippled sub began its surface transit back to Connecticut for repairs. He was replaced by Master Chief Machinist’s Mate (SS) Jon Wells, according to an announcement from 5th Fleet in Bahrain.

The sub’s commanding officer, Cmdr. Ryan Brookhart, was relieved April 14 due to “loss of confidence in Brookhart’s ability to command.”

Hartford was submerged but near the surface when it collided with the amphibious transport dock New Orleans while entering the Persian Gulf on March 20. Both ships were seriously damaged but injuries aboard Hartford were reported to be minor.

“[Prevot] was relieved in conjunction with the incident that occurred aboard Hartford,” said Lt. Nate Christensen, 5th Fleet spokesman. He said no other changes in personnel have taken place since then.

Wells, the new COB, was master chief of the sub’s engineering department. According to a 5th Fleet release, Wells’ position is temporary and a new COB will be named “by the time Hartford arrives in Groton.”

The collision bent Hartford’s sail, which according to recent photographs has been reinforced for the transit to Groton. By last Friday, Hartford had passed the Strait of Hormuz on its long surface voyage home.

New Orleans suffered several hull punctures, including a hole measuring 16-by-18 feet. The ship entered dry dock in Bahrain last Saturday.

Repairs to New Orleans are expected to take up to two weeks, after which the ship is expected to continue its deployment in the region, Christensen said. The amphib deployed Jan. 9 from San Diego on its maiden voyage as part of the Boxer Expeditionary Strike Group.

Mishap and safety investigations into the collision are still ongoing, Christensen said.
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