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A new low for sub [films/videos]

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A new low for sub [films/videos]

Postby U-5075 » Sat Apr 04, 2009 7:38 am

This is a news release. So bad it's................... ?
I'm sorry about this one.
I should not have posted it. ... uns-silent

Venom Runs Silent
Since we've already had Snakes on a Plane and Snakes on a Train, that means both air and land are covered. Which must mean it’s now time for the snakes to go underwater? That's exactly what we'll get when Silent Venom surfaces onto DVD this June - snakes in a sub.

You know the drill. It all starts with a top secret military project involving a mutant breed of venomous snake. Isn't that how it always starts? Has there ever been a motion picture where such experiments don't result in the snakes getting loose and a massive loss of life? What's different this time is that the snakes get loose within the cramped confines of an undersea military submarine.

Technically speaking, this is not the first time snakes have run wild aboard a sub. David Janssen starred in the 1974 telefilm Fer-De-Lance that also saw poisonous snakes smuggled aboard a submarine escaping their storage bin and terrorizing the crew. But as they say, what once was old is new again.

Original "90210" alumnus Luke Perry stars as a battle-hardened submarine captain facing a forced retirement. Is Luke Perry really old enough to be playing a battle-hardened submarine captain, let alone one being forced into early retirement? Such a question is probably moot when you're talking about a movie that casts the drop dead gorgeous Krista Allen (Feast, Emmanuelle in Space, Final Destination 4) as a research scientist specializing in the field of mutated serpents.

Allen's slithering science project gets shut down, and Perry's last assignment as a sub commander is to transport her and her snakes. This simple assignment turns into a life-or-death struggle when the sub is attacked and the lethal snakes get loose, leaving the crew trapped in a submarine crawling with venomous snakes hundreds of feet beneath the ocean. Tom Berenger (Major League, Sniper, The Substitute) co-stars as an Admiral, presumably overseeing the situation from the safety of dry land.

Silent Venom director Fred Olen Ray (Hollywood Chainsaw Hookers, Evil Toons, Dire Wolf) claims to have used almost all live snakes for the shoot, though some CGI and full-size puppets were used where needed.

June 2nd is the date 20th Century Fox will torpedo Silent Venom (originally titled Recoil) onto DVD shelves. No word if there will be any extras included on the disc.

I just hope Silent Venom proves to be a better killer snake movie than Silent Predators? Remember that stinker? A movie called Silent Predators ... about rattlesnakes! Check out the artwork below.
[To see artwork click onto url above.]
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Postby David H » Sun Apr 05, 2009 8:22 am

looks like a shocker...

with the poster, you'd think that they could at least make it actually look like a real periscope.

another example of how the film industry usually have no idea about subs. after all slamming the sub up through the ice in K-19 drove me up the wall.... :roll:
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