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Dishonoring the dead sailors of the KURSK

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Dishonoring the dead sailors of the KURSK

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Dishonoring Dead Sailors

April 1, 2009: There was a major embarrassment for the Russian navy recently, when part of a memorial for dead sailors was found, by local television reporters, in a salvage yard waiting to be melted down. This all began in August, 2000, when the Russian submarine Kursk sank, while submerged, because a faulty torpedo exploded in the tube while being launched. In late 2001, most of the sub, and the bodies of the 118 victims, was raised to the surface and taken to the Roslyakovo Shipyard on the Kola Peninsula (in northern Russia). There, it was announced that the "sail" (the structure that sits atop the fish like hull of modern subs) of the Kursk would be removed and used for a memorial to the lost sailors. The dead were buried and most of the Kursk was recycled as scrap.
The $22 million needed for the memorial was never delivered, or if it was, it disappeared. In the meantime, someone (no individual has been identified) sold the sail of the Kursk to a scrap yard, to be recycled along with the rest of the boat. Fortunately, the scrap yard wasn't all that efficient, as the Kursk sail has been sitting there for six years. Now, the admiral commanding the Northern Fleet has said he will personally see to it that the Kursk sail is secured. No word on the memorial. ... 58932.html

”Kursk” sail sold as scrap metal
The sail (tower) of the Northern Fleet submarine “Kursk”, which sank with 118 sailors in the Barents Sea in 2000, was last week found rusting at a scrap metal ground in Murmansk.

The submarine sail was brought to the scrap metal ground six years ago, TV 21 reports. It was meant to be part of a memorial over the accident that was to be raised by the church Saviour on the Water in Murmansk, but because of lack of funding, no memorial has so far been made. Neither the town authorities nor the Northern Fleet or any private enterprises have given money to raise a memorial. The sum needed for the memorial is said to be a little more than 22.000 EUR. One year ago the sail was sold to a scrap metal receiving station in Murmansk by unknown persons.

Northern Fleet Commander Nikolay Maksimov has promised to take the submaine sail’s fate under his personal control, writes. He was deeply indignant over the information about the sail being left to rust at a scrap metal ground and says he will use all his efforts to make the sail into a memorial over the accident.

The nuclear submarine ”Kursk” sank in the Barents Sea after an explosion on board during preparations to fire dummy torpedoes. All the 118 persons on board were killed. The submarine was raised from the sea bottom in a large international operation in 2001 and brought to a ship yard in Roslyakovo for scrapping.
Text is in Russain. Three photos of KURSK sail.
Izvestia news video. Also in Russian.
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