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1/4 scale, trailered, water-line model of S-class sub

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1/4 scale, trailered, water-line model of S-class sub

Postby U-5075 » Wed Mar 25, 2009 8:34 am ... 62001.html

Two photos included with article

Best show-and-tell ever: Replica sub visits Morro Bay

Wynn Reeves couldn’t have asked for a better world history project than the one directing students to bring or make an artifact from World War II.

Fortunately for the Morro Bay High School sophomore, in 2002 her father, Lloyd, had built a quarter-scale replica of an S-class submarine that saw action during the war. On Tuesday, Lloyd Reeves trailered the sub to the high school to give the students an up-close look, while at the same time sharing details of the real S-44’s history.

The vessel was the first American sub to sink a Japanese heavy cruiser and recorded two more kills before being sunk itself off the Aleutian Islands.
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