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French nuclear sub damaged after hitting object

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French nuclear sub damaged after hitting object

Postby U-5075 » Sat Feb 07, 2009 10:12 am ... nal/2/20/2

French nuclear sub damaged after hitting object

Published: February 7,2009
Paris , Feb 6 (AFP) A French ballistic nuclear submarine was damaged when it hit an object under water earlier this week but no one was injured and there was no security threat, the defence ministry said today.

Le Triomphant, one of France&aposs four nuclear-armed submarines, hit the object, probably a container, while submerging and immediately returned to base at Ile-Longue, near Brest in northwest France.

"The sonar dome situated in the front was damaged,"said a statement from the navy, adding that the incident"did not result in injuries among the crew and did not jeopardize nuclear security at any moment."

The damaged submarine arrived at port base today.

France is one of the world&aposs five declared nuclear powers and has maintained a sea-based nuclear deterrent force since 1971.
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