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India. Home Brew (doing it yourself) Horrors

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India. Home Brew (doing it yourself) Horrors

Postby U-5075 » Wed Jan 21, 2009 2:46 pm ... 90120.aspx

Home Brew Horrors
January 20, 2009: Indian military leaders are complaining about the delays and poor quality resulting from the national policy of developing the ability to develop and build high-tech weapons. India already has 39 defense related factories. These provide jobs for nearly 600,000 workers, and provide a wide array of military services. But not always on time, or effectively.

The latest embarrassment is the attempt to refurbish a Russian made Kilo class submarine. Russia does this for Indian subs, and takes about two years. But five years ago, India decided to refurbish one of those Kilo class boats, the INS Sindhukirti, itself. The sub is still sitting in a shipyard, and it's expected to remain there another five years before the work is done. The navy is not happy about losing the services of one of its most modern subs for a decade, to do a job that takes the Russians only two years. Worse, there are three other Indian subs that are stuck in this shipyard hell. Slow shipyard work results in only seven of Indias 16 subs being available for service at any one time. Ten of these subs will reach the end of their service lives by 2012. No subs are being built in India, even through a submarine building yard in Mumbai have been idle for twelve years. The admirals are very unhappy with all of this, but the government insists that Indian firms be used for an increasing amount of military work. .
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