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Russia To Lease Sub to India Despite Fatal Accident

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Russia To Lease Sub to India Despite Fatal Accident

Postby U-5075 » Sat Nov 29, 2008 9:49 am ... =EUR&s=SEA

Russia To Lease Sub to India Despite Fatal Accident
By vivek raghuvanshi
Published: 28 Nov 11:40 EST (16:40 GMT)

NEW DELHI - Moscow has told New Delhi that it remains committed to leasing a nuclear submarine to the Indian Navy despite the Nov. 8 accident that killed 20 crew members aboard a Russian nuclear sub, say Indian Defence Ministry sources.
The Akula-2 nuclear-powered attack submarine, the Nerpa, which is being built by Russia for the Indian Navy, was on sea trials off the Sea of Japan Nov. 8 when 20 personnel were killed in an accident reportedly involving activation of the submarine's fire-fighting system.

However, the sea trials of the submarine have been temporarily halted, said sources. The Indian Defence Ministry has already asked the Russian yard building the submarine to extend the trials.

The Indian Navy is acquiring the Nerpa in the run-up to its own secretive, classified nuclear submarine Advanced Technology Vehicle (ATV) under construction. The crew trained on the leased Nerpa would eventually take over the indigenous ATV, expected to be inducted by 2010-11.

The nuclear submarines will give India the third leg of its nuclear triad by acquiring submarine-launched nuclear capable missiles.
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