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213 foot LUXURY personal submarine

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213 foot LUXURY personal submarine

Postby U-5075 » Mon Apr 09, 2007 10:05 am

213-foot LUXURY personal submarine.
How much money do you have? It costs $80M and will take 3 years to build.
But what they do not tell you is simply compute 10% of the cost of your boat and that is what it will take to run and maintain your boat each year. One could dig up the 80M one way or another, but the 8M a year would put you in the poor house.
'Nother problem is that this thing has parts. Parts malfunction and break down. Additionally this appears to be a first in line, working prototype. I would not want to be the guini pig for this boat, particular when going to the depths that they claim it will go.

The top of the line model is the Phoenix 1000, which is 213 feet long and costs the $80M. But for the more budget conscious, U.S. Submarines also offer the 118 foot long Seattle 1000 and the 65 fot Nomad 1000, which carry a slightly less steep price tag, and are more or less "off the rack".

Lots of images.
The article is found at

U.S. Submarines website is at

Info about the Phoenix 1000 is at
(With downloadable brochures!)

What is scarey is that this resembles the S.O.E.'s (the British intelligence guys) initial drawings of the Welfreighter. This was a surface ship that hid a submersible boat to be used for clandestined things.
but the "final copy" was really ugly.
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