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Russian Baltic Fleet celebrates Submariners’ Day

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Russian Baltic Fleet celebrates Submariners’ Day

Postby U-5075 » Mon Mar 19, 2007 12:08 pm

Russian Baltic Fleet celebrates Submariners’ Day
19.03.2007, 17.07

KALININGRAD, March 19 (Itar-Tass) - The Submariners’ Day is being celebrated here at the Chief Naval Base of the Russian Baltic Fleet on Monday. The holiday began with the solemn hoisting of Naval St. Andrew flags on all the warships there.

This holiday is of particular significance for Baltic navy men. The very first Russian submarine was build at one of the Baltic yards. Emperor Nicholas the Second signed a decree on March 19, 1906, to turn the submarine fleet into an independent arm of the navy. Therefore, this date is being celebrated as the official birthday of the Russian submarine force.

The first Russian detachment to train submariners, including submarine captains, junior commanding personnel and rank-and-file sailors was also formed on the Baltic Sea. Work to draw up the fundamental rules to use submarines in action was also started here.

Baltic Fleet submarines have scored many remarkable victories. Baltic submariners sank 149 enemy warships and transports with a total deadweight of 360 thousand tons during the Second World War.

The current generation of Baltic submariners are cherishing the memory of those heroic feats and multiplying the traditions of their fathers and grandfathers. Commander of the Baltic Fleet Vice-Admiral Konstantin Sidorenko has decorated the best submarine specialists here on Monday. The decoration ceremony was held at Baltiisk, on board a submarine.

Vice-Admiral Sidorenko told a meeting with submarine veterans, held here at the World Ocean Museum, that the Russian Baltic Fleet would be reinforced this year by “a most up-to-date diesel submarine, which no other navy of the world now has.”
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