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SuBase New London - Yawn. Election time is coming.

This is the place to read all about submarines in the real world!

Postby U-5075 » Mon Aug 21, 2006 3:04 pm

The real news is that the escape tank is being updated and the infirmary/sick bay was quickly updated. The other news follows................... The best part about understanding the article below is the line.............
"We're less than 90 days from an election,"

Base may host federal agency
Norwich Bulletin

GROTON -- The National Virtual Translation Center, a federal agency working with the country's Intelligence Community, is considering the Groton Navy Submarine Base as a potential satellite facility.

U.S. Rep. Rob Simmons, R-2nd District, made the announcement Friday after a meeting with Navy, center and national intelligence officials on the sub base. A decision on whether the base will be used could be known within 30 days, Simmons said.

"The submarine base would be perfectly suited for this type of activity," Simmons said at a press conference outside the base. "It could tap into the talent pool here in Connecticut of people who speak any of the qualified languages and would be certified to translate."

The addition of the facility is a greater value militarily in that it would add to the military value of the base, a key criteria used in last year's base closure process. The higher the military value, the less likely the base would be targeted in future base closing efforts.

It was a year ago next Thursday the independent Defense Base Closure and Realignment Commission voted to remove the Groton base from the Pentagon closure list.

"Since that time," Simmons said, "the members of the Connecticut delegation have been working to strengthen the activities that take place on this base so that never again will it be targeted for closure."

The center translates information from more than 80 different languages spoken around the world.

If selected, the Groton base would be the first naval installation to host such a facility in the country, and the only military base in New England. The center operates 38 such facilities countrywide, with only a handful on Army and Marine Corps bases.

The satellite office would consist of a single room on the base facility, slightly larger than an average office in any business, and would be used only by those translators working on classified documents.

Simmons said the majority of the work, upwards of 75 percent, would be unclassified documents that could be worked on from home.

There would be no full-time staff associated with the facility, and those selected to work as translators would be called upon on an "as needed basis." Simmons said there was no precise number of translators identified as needed at this time.

None of the federal or Navy officials involved in Friday's discussion appeared with Simmons at the press conference at the overlook outside the base, although an initial press release from Simmons office said they would.

"We're less than 90 days from an election," Simmons said candidly when asked why.

Federal and military officials are prohibited from appearing at political press conferences.
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