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U.S. tests motor for new submarine missile

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Postby TMSmalley » Wed Aug 09, 2006 2:42 pm

August 8, 2006
U.S. tests motor for new submarine missile
By Hil Anderson
copyright Aug 8 -

The second static test of a motor for the U.S. Navy's sub-launched SLIRBM ballistic missile was carried out earlier this month.

The test was carried out on Aug. 3 at ATK's test center at Promontory, Utah.

The SLIRBM is being designed to launch from the Navy's Ohio-class SSGN submarine as an intermediate-range, no-notice global strike asset. Once deployed, the missile will allow commanders to call in a conventional-payload strike that will have a range in excess of 1,100 miles and enough speed to reach the target within 15 minutes of launch.

The weapon will be part of the varied arsenal of the SSGN subs, which are revamped Trident nuclear subs outfitted with cruise missiles and capable of transporting relatively large special operations teams.

ATK said the test went well with the solid-fuel Orion 32-4 second-stage booster motor firing successfully for 40 seconds at maximum thrust.

The first test, which was conducted in July, involved the modified ATK Orion 32-7 first-stage motor.

Both firings demonstrated the integration of the motor itself with an electro-magnetic thrust vector control system developed by Moog Inc. that will allow the missile to respond to steering and flight-control commands from an avionics system.

"Our team now has demonstrated propulsion technologies that are key to further developing this potential new capability for the Navy," said Lockheed Martin's Michele Smith, the overall program director for the SLIRBM project. "Next, we will complete a missile system trade study."
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