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Manassas firm gets Canadian Fire Control Contract

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Postby mike byers » Thu Apr 13, 2006 11:13 pm

Manassas Journal Messenger

Lockheed Martin receives Canadian contract
Bennie Scarton Jr.
Thursday, April 13, 2006

Lockheed Martin, Manassas, has been awarded a contract by the Canadian Department of National Defence to update technology in its submarines.

The changes will allow the Canadian Navy to easily modify the Victoria class submarines' Submarine Fire Control System to launch and control a mixed weapons load, including different versions of the Mk 48 torpedo.

"The work we will accomplish on the submarines is a continuation of the technology refresh process which Lockheed Martin has implemented successfully in the U.S. submarine force," said Charles A. Cantello, vice president of Sensors and Advanced Program for Lockheed Martin Undersea Systems.

Lockheed has worked with the U.S. Navy and international navies for more than 40 years to provide high-performance, affordable and supportable combat systems for nuclear and diesel electric submarines.

The company pioneered the use of open systems architecture and commercial off-the-shelf equipment for its submarine combat systems integration work, already proven on the U. S. Navy's Virginia, Seawolf and Los Angeles class submarines. This system enables navies to upgrade its performance at greatly reduced cost over the life of the submarine.

In addition to its work for the U. S. Navy, Lockheed has improved weapons control systems on 32 submarines from the United Kingdom, Australia, Greece, Egypt and India. In December, Lockheed received a contract to work with Navantia and other Spanish industrial leaders to develop an advanced combat system for the most modern construction submarine program in the world, the Spanish Armada's new S-80A diesel submarine.
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