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USS Ohio returns as SSGN

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Postby TMSmalley » Wed Feb 15, 2006 11:25 am


ABOARD USS OHIO AT SEA (Jan. 29, 2006) - USS Ohio (SSGN 726) stops for a personnel boat transfer off the coast of Puget Sound, Washington. Media were transported to the Ohio to see first hand the new capabilities that this boat now brings to the Joint Warfighter. USS Ohio is the first SSGN converted from an SSBN and will provide transformational capabilities to joint warfighters. Ohio and the other three SSGNs still undergoing conversion will be able to launch up to 154 Tomahawk cruise missiles, conduct sustained Special Forces operations, support up to 102 Special Operations Forces (SOF) personnel for short durations or 66 SOF personnel for sustained operations, and provide 67% operational availability forward deployed in support of combatant commanders’ mission requirements. The other three submarines: USS Florida (SSGN 728), USS Michigan (SSGN 727), and USS Georgia (SSGN 729) will be converted to SSGN through 2007. U.S. Navy photo by Chief Journalist (SW/AW) Dave Fliesen.
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