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USS Blueback in the news

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Postby Bryan » Wed Dec 21, 2005 3:04 pm

How cool is this? Found this in yesterdays Oregonian Newspaper and thought you might like to see how one of our warships are being put to good use even after her service. Instead of scraping her, she is a living, learning tool to everyone.
I thought I'd just insert the link but the newspaper wants you take a "Survey" before reading its stories. Had a great picture of The Blueback at night infront of the lights of Portland. Not a big story, but it made the front page of the Living Section anyway. Tours are also available.


The hunt for red sleepover
OMSI has underwater adventures awaiting campers who want to experience a night aboard the submarine USS Blueback
Tuesday, December 20, 2005
The USS Blueback, parked permanently in the Willamette River behind OMSI, offers a glimpse into the workings of a Navy attack submarine. On certain evenings, it also offers a glimpse into the social lives of young sailors.
The Blueback, which served in the Pacific fleet for 31 years and appeared in the movie "The Hunt for Red October," hosts submarine camp-ins on Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights throughout the year.
On a recent camp-in, three birthday parties and a youth football team bunked in the Blueback. Between top-secret missions and Morse-code messages, the campers were treated to a full tour of the sub before lights went out at 11:45 p.m.
Submarine camp-ins cost $51 per camper. Chaperones pay the same price, which includes evening snack, breakfast, a planetarium show and access to OMSI the next day. For more information, call 503-797-4507 or log on to
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