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Kursk documentry on History channel

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Postby Landlubber » Mon Jul 25, 2005 10:41 pm

Kursk a submarine in troubled waters documentry aired tonight on the history channel, First time I seen it , Wow.
Is someone's imagination working overtime or do all the dots connect to make a troubling picture. documentry claims USS Toledo collided with Kursk ,then The USS Memphis holed it with a MK48 torpedo,weeks later a 10 billion doller debt the USSR owes the US is written off. If there is truth in this ,things must have been very close to getting out of hand
I think I'll start renovations on my coldwar bomb shelter tomorrow.
Link to claims.
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Postby Wayne Frey » Tue Jul 26, 2005 11:08 pm

I went to that link and checked it out.

There is a lot of talent on this website.Check out the text, and the hole in the side of the Kursk.
Feedback would be interesting. Maybe unsettling.....

Wish I would have seen the show. There have been a few times when a posting poped up about a show on tv about submarines. There must be a way to give a few days or a weeks notice about something upcoming and cool. I hate missing a sub show.
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Postby expfcwintergreen » Wed Jul 27, 2005 8:06 am

I fear this thread will go the same way as the one Antoine started many moons ago on the same topic....

Keeping it neutral.... after a quick read-through, all the damage was forward and through the top, yet they mention that a piece of the sail (fairwater in the text) was found in the area. This is inconsistant with the collision theory proposed unless the standard shadowing protocol specifies performing barrel rolls in close proximity.

Also, they make a big deal about how the initial acoustic event was originally dubbed an explosion, yet later revised. Two thoughts 1) the graph shown appears to have been photoshopped, need to read the original source docs 2) initial data analysis is frequently revised once more detailed analysis is performed.

As in the original thread, I still view this as conspiracy-theory rhetoric. Bashing the USA is oh-so popular these days.

Postby Landlubber » Wed Jul 27, 2005 5:15 pm

No Bashing intended, If things went down the way the documentry suggests I think the sailors on the US boats
acted as they should was said that the Memphis fired to protect the damaged Toledo ,which is the way it should be.
I wonder what happened to that 300 MPH Russian torpedo (Called a carrier killer) that was sold to the Canadian goverment after this incident. I'm not sure what we would do with it,we have enough problems fixing the wiring on those great British subs our goverment saw fit to buy.

Do you think it could have ended up a little south of Canada.

I trust the common man,Its the goverments that I have a small lack of faith in.
Even if it is fiction it's still an interesting read. History channel (Canada) is in the middle of sub-week there's shows on every night till Saturday.
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Postby aeroengineer1 » Wed Jul 27, 2005 7:53 pm

According to a guy that I work with here at Honeywell (he is in the underwater and marine division), he stated that the two us subs in the area followed standard protocall by heading to the nearest port to have the subs inspected. Upon inspection, it was found that there was nothing out of the ordinary. I would tend to believe him. He works closely with the Navy and Newport News Boat Co. He also tends to have information that is not generally avaliable to the general public.

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