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New Chinese subs launched ahead of schedule

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Postby DrDave » Thu Dec 16, 2004 12:55 am

China's Wuhan Shiyard recently launched a new generation of Diesel electric submarine (SSK) which is named the Yuan Class by US intelligence. It is estimated that the program might have begun in 2002. The sub seems to be comparable to the Rusiian Kilo class ( improved) project 636. By looks it looks like a Russian Kilo and a Chinese Song class boat. Intelligence suggests that it may be fittted with a AIP system ( Air -independent propulsion) but this cannot be confirmed. The Yuan class has a tail with diving planes similar to those of the Type 039A, and a teardrop style hull of a kilo hull with a raised hump on top, which suggests that the boat may be as quiet as a Kilo class. The sub also has a active/ passive homing wire guided torpedo system and the YJ-8 ( C-801) submarine launched supersonic 3M-54E Club anti ship missile. Unconfirmed reports suggest that Shaanxi Manufactory is currently building the German MTU - 16V-396 diesel under license. This is the same diesel that is powering the German Type 212. The electronic systems onboard include CCD camera, infrared thermal imaging camera, laser range finder, surface search radar warning reciver, Various weapon systems and sensors are integrated by a digitised combat date command and control system
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