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Janes Naval News October 22, 2004

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Postby Dolphin » Fri Oct 22, 2004 2:54 am

Russian cruiser stalls flotilla off Iceland
A flotilla of ships from the Russian Federation Navy's Northern Fleet has unexpectedly come to a halt off the northeast coast of Iceland amid suggestions that the nuclear-powered Project 1144.1 cruiser Pyotr Velikiy may have suffered a major machinery breakdown.
[Jane's Navy International - first posted to - 15 October 2004]

USN shuts down long-range submarine communications
The US Navy (USN) has decided to shut down its two extremely low-frequency (ELF) transmitter sites, which are the service's main means of extremely long-range covert communications with deployed submarines.
[Jane's Navy International - first posted to - 15 October 2004]


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