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Discovery Channel Project asks for R/C sub driver! - Your chance for fame!

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Postby Bob the Builder » Wed Sep 29, 2004 2:18 pm

This just came in through the Sucommittee Website. Feel free to follow up if you think you can help out:

The following information was recevied on September 29, 2004:

Name: Emma Treanor
Email: gamma@thegammeproject
Phone: 020 7436 8805

I’m working for a documentary company on a commission for The Discovery Channel) and am trying to find a modeler who would be willing to join us filming for a day.

We’re shooting a demonstration sequence with our presenter Chris Barrie (of Red Dwarf and The Brittas Empire) explaining the basic principles of the workings of a submarine. We’d ideally also like a scale model of a submarine with working propellers and submerging mechanism. We’re filming on a real Vanguard Sub and so would love to get hold of a scale model of that particular design but would be grateful for any detailed model.

We’ll be filming at a diving pool in Lingfield (between Gatwick and Tunbridge Wells) and would pay any expenses incurred during the day.

The date is a little up in the air at the moment but will be some time in October.

If you can think of anyone who may be able to help then please call on the number below or e-mail me at this address. Any thoughts are gratefully appreciated!

Many thanks,

Emma Treanor

Unfortunately, the email address that she left is incomplete, as you can see. You'll need to give her a call.
Bob Martin,
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