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USS Jimmy Carter (future SSN-23) now in Danger - Hull quietly moved from EB shed 5/7/04

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Postby Dolphin » Thu May 13, 2004 2:45 am

As reported tonight (May 12, 2004)

The local news just carried a report from Electric Boat that the drydock which holds the Jimmy Carter (SSN-23) is in imminent danger of collapsing, and could damage the submarine. Emergency operations are now underway to shore up the dock. Two tugs were standing by, one commercial, one Navy. Many workers seen around the dock. A crane was lifting metal beam debris out of the drydock. Two Coast Guard boats with their lights flashing were out in the Thames river, keeping other vessels away.

My source spoke personally with an EB employee who told me no one was hurt, nor was the submarine damaged by the collapse of the drydock supports. The concern was around additional sections of the dock collapsing. EB employee said they were flooding the dock as fast as possible to float the Carter, and may pull her out of the dock, drain it, and then repair it. Lots of news helicopters seen overhead, so look those living near by check the local news at 11:00. Only the top of the sail was visible, and so the dock was not flooded to the point where the Carter was afloat. In comparison, when the Virginia was in the same dock, she rode pretty high when the dock was flooded.

The future USS Jimmy Carter (SSN-23 was quietly moved from it's building shed at Electric Boat (Groton) on Friday, May 7th, 2004 (movement began at sunset for an operation that went on into the night into early morning Saturday - no public announcement of this operation was released naturally). The especially modified future named USS Jimmy Carter has been under construction at Electric Boat since 1995.

Will relay more news as it becomes available

This report from one of my 'sources',

Edited and Submitted by Steve Reichmuth

Postby FX Models » Thu May 13, 2004 8:47 pm

Hi Steve,

I was going to go down today and see what was going on at the drydock but an 8 foot Virginia got in the way... [hee hee]. Actually I talked to EB folks today and they said that although the wall's partial collapse is certainly not a good thing, the Carter is going to be Christened on time on June 5 without issue. These drydock areas are really quite old actually so it is high time that moneys be put into rebuilds. It was only a matter of time and they are taking it in stride. Unfortunately the press hears "Nuclear [as opposed to Nucular ;) ] Submarine" and "Accident" and they jump on it as soon as they can and hope for the worst for great ratings. Now its a good thing Dan Rather didn't get ahold of the story. He would have figured out a way to blame Bush for the collapse!!!

Dang I am just so full of fire today...

Hope things are well!

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Postby Dolphin » Thu May 13, 2004 11:00 pm


Todays update,

News this morning was that Electric Boat graving dock #3 which the Carter was in has been shored up, and the submarine is safe. Overhead photos of the Carter were on the news last night. I taped it. No word on whether the commissioning ceremony will be delayed, and how long to repair the graving dock.

Hi Marc! Great hearing from you once more. Glad to hear the christening will remain on time for June 5. Lived in the SF Bay area all my life, so I can very well understand being "so full of fire today" I think, if I understand you. San Francisco has two political parties too...just Democratic and Marxist. Nuff said.

Seems the USS Jimmy Carter is now okay. Glad for that.

A small photo of the SSN-23 roll out can be viewed above at:

Those interested .... further watch the U.S. Navy web site daily for new images of SSN-23 should any become released to the public. Type in the 'search panel' "SSN" to see latest submarine related photo updates.

Check out there too the new Hi-Res magnificent images of USS Hampton and HMS Tireless surfaced together in the Arctic. Navy image #040419-N-6027E-003 makes a great desktop image too. Beautiful!

Steve Reichmuth

Postby Dolphin » Thu May 13, 2004 11:05 pm


So glad to see that Electric Boat has decided to build their subs for the USN based on Matt Thor's model Kits! LOL :)


Postby 99-1073702857 » Sat May 15, 2004 5:47 pm

For Steve Reichmuth...I too have lived in the SF Bay area all of my life and think you may be a little bit in error when you say that there are only Democrats and Marxists. There are only Socialists and Marxists. The Democrats are a wholly owned subsideary of the Socialists.

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