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Conflicting reports. maybe??

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Conflicting reports. maybe??

Postby gp100man » Sun Feb 02, 2014 1:59 pm

This article says that Russia's military is decades behind the USA's. I find that hard to believe. I thought their top of the line submarines were the equal of ours. YASEN and BOREI class for example. I hope the article is right, but I doubt it. Maybe the article is referring to other aspects of the Russian military, and not submarines. I also wonder if the medium range missles talked about is from a submarine, probably, but not sure.
Neither country is going to reveal ALL of the true capabilities of their weapons.
Any way, the only way to negotiate or enforce is from of a position of strength(GREAT STRENGTH).
Just head the president say in his State of the Union Address, that America needs to cease being on a permanent WAR FOOTING. If I understand what it means to be on a war footing(industry able to sustain war). Then I disagree with the president. Being on a permanent war footing is exactly what we need to do. Just because you keep up your war industry doesn't mean your on the attack. America needs to be always READY and ABLE to take on anybody with ease.

Thank god for GDEB and the all the people who dedicate their lives to building superior submarines. ... 00596.html
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Re: Conflicting reports. maybe??

Postby Tom Dougherty » Sun Feb 02, 2014 8:41 pm

The link you posted says absolutely nothing about submarines. Did you post the wrong link?

The submarines that Russia is now fielding have been under construction for extended periods. So, it would not be surprising if these boats were designed and outfitted with equipment circa the late 1980's. At the present time, the US outspends the next 10 countries on defense. Programs such as the Virginia class have been exemplary in driving down unit costs, and it is not surprising the GDEB will be designing the next generation of SSBNs.

On the other hand, the F-35 program is way over budget and the early aircraft are not meeting their performance goals and it is not meeting its low observable radar goals. The price is closing in on $140 million per airplane. So, with these kinds of cost overruns and the fact that the F-16C Block 50 is still one of the most capable aircraft in the world, it is time for choices. We can't afford it all; there just isn't enough money. There is being militarily prepared in a reasonable fashion and then there is being on a permanent war footing. We need to think of the present as more of the former state so it can be at a level we can afford. The current spending is $572 billion on Defense out of a 1.1 trillion budget in 2014. So that is roughly 1/2 the total US budget spend.
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