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Submarines Models and their Originals book - A good book?

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Postby redboat219 » Sat Oct 14, 2006 11:56 pm

Is "Submarines Models and their Originals" by Heintz, Carsten a good book for R/C submarine modeling? I already have both Chris Jackson's "Simply Submarines" and Norbert Bruggen's "Model Submarine Technology" ver.2. Do I still need to get it?

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Postby hakkikt » Thu Oct 19, 2006 4:14 pm

Depends on what you expect. I have the German original, so my comments are about this one.

Apparently, this is collection of articles from the German "ModellWerft" (ModelShipyard) magazine. What you get is around 30 magazine-type articles of 5-7 pages about subs from all sorts of categories (from Fulton's sailing sub to the URF rescue sub). On average, articles concentrate on the real thing, with part of the article being about a specific model that someone built. You can expect good photographs (in b&w, with a bunch of colour pages in the middle), interesting text, but not much in-depth writing about technical modeling details. This is not a "how-to" book like Brüggen's.

There is quite an emphasis on WW2 and post-WW2 German submarines (not unexpectedly, the articles being from a German magazine), such as Types 202, 206A and 212. Another emphasis is on non-military submarines, which I found refreshing. The only US sub that is discussed is the USS Albacore.

I found the book worth the €20 that I paid and enjoyed reading it. You can say that it is a source of inspiration, but not a book to tell you how to do things in sub modeling.
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from the author

Postby Carsten » Wed Jul 18, 2007 3:56 pm

Hi guys
my name is Carsten Heintze and i am the author of that book.

In fact submarine modells and their originals is not a how to to do book
A excelent how to book on building submarines is written by my friend Norbert Brüggen.

My book discovers the history of submarines with technical and historical backround from the past to now and it it is definitly not a compilation of articles of the german magazine modellwerft !
To every original you will find a rc sub with a description of its history and technic. As i think fotos on the dry are boring i made a lot of underwater fotos showing the subs in their habit.

The most subs in it were never published before they were printed in this book. Logicly exept the ones that are build from kits but these are only a few.
I spent three years working and worldwide research on this and think that this compilation with also about 10 non military reseach ore rescue sub that are nearly unknown of the 30 is very interesting.

I know that this posting is little older but i would be happy to get some opinions from this message board how do you like that book.
Some news things you will find on my home page

Best regards from germany
I know your posting is little bit older but please let me know how do
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