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Crazy Ivan Hostile Waters Of Ice & Steel - Based on the Cold War (The first 2)

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Postby magpie » Wed Sep 13, 2006 8:36 am

I recently read Crazy Ivan and highly reccomment it. Very enlightening read. It's about a USN Diver Submariner who was involved in espionage photography and had a lot of crazy experiences doing his work. He took pics of an Akula's Towed Array pod from the water while crew were smoking on the sail and looking the other way.The sub was warming up it's reacters ready for sea! He writes very well. Most of you have no doubt read it, but if not, do!
I'm currently reading Hostile Waters which is another cold war US X Russian sub tale based on history. Also a ripper. A US LA sub is ramming the tow line of a Ruskie to break it and keep it from being rescued in one chapter!!!!!! LIKE WOW MAN
Once Don's book Ice & Steel arrives here, I'll get into it. Can't wait.

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