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3 book items - 2 Blasts and 3 recommendations

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Postby Rontini » Tue Feb 28, 2006 12:27 pm

1. There is a new book out titled, "Clear the Bridge" by some ex USN Submarine Officer. Why would someone use a title of a book written by one of WWII's Medal of Honor winners Richard O'Kane?

2. Want to talk the talk. There is a book out via Amazon titled, "Submariner's Dictionary." It was written to preserve the language. Endorsed by Big Al/Adm. Konetzni. Rated "R".

3. There is another book for those with a good submarine library.
"Hot Straight and Normal" is the only submarine bibliography (a listing of submarine books) in print. 386 pages. Thousands of books listed and other sources of submarine information. Also available from Amazon.

4. Silent Steel is long awaited study on the loss of the USS Scorpion. Written after 15 years of research by a former editor of the Houston Chronicle. The author does not give some exotic theory as to the loss. He simply states the facts.

5. Red Star Rogue is interesting. It is the only work that purports the theory that "all" of the Russian submarine was retrieved. Nothing I have every read gives this premise but holds with the thought that it broke apart during the raise. This same author by the way thinks he knows what happened to the Scorpion. I think it's just a ploy to sell books.

6. I will admit that the items #2 and #3 are mine.

7. You may also enjoy the banter on the largest submarine BBS in the world at:

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