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Postby 100-1051809739 » Wed May 07, 2003 12:03 pm

I have acquired a very rare book about German Grand Admiral Karl Doenitz at the Nuremberg Trials ( Amber publishingCo. - H.K. Thompson Jr and Henry Strutz)
The report is a real eye opener. I am a WWII U-boat historian as well as a modeler and the contents of the book was VERY much of a surprise.

Hundreds and hundreds of the best known Admirals, Generals, fiel Marshalls, authors, statesmen, jurists and even Presidents - had the greatest contempt for the Nuremberg Trials as more to do with revenge than justice and a creation of Stalin who himself was the world's most horrific criminal having murdered over 40,000,000 totally innocent non-combatants - HIS OWN COUNTRYMEN!

A hand full of the signatures to support the position of Doenitz - were Rear Admiral Dan Gallery, Vice Admiral Charles Lockwood, Fleet Admiral Chester Nimitz, President John F. Kennedy, General Matthew B. Ridgeway, Edgar N. Eisenhower ( brother of Dwight Eisenhower), Professor, author and Spreme court Justice, William O. Douglas - and almost FOUR HUNDRED more of the world's leading military leaders. civic leaders, authors, professors and heads of state.

I will keep this book for my grandchildren, so that in the maze of revisionist history [ lies - to be polite] they may know truth.

One of the greatest hypocricies of the Nuremberg 'kangaroo court' was the fact that the German defendants were accused ( knowing admission of false evidence) by their Soviet Marxist prosecutors of the horrific war crime of the cold-blooded murder of several thousand Polish officers in the Katayn Forrest. As history has later revealed the TRUTH - it was, of course "our friends and allies" - the Soviets who had committed these henious crimes.

This was only one of the interesting 'twists' of truth and justice so common at the unpresidented and contemptuosly illegal so-called war crimes tribunals of Nuremberg in the Summer of 1946.

If anyone is interested in the information in the unique book - contact me and I will be glad to make a copy of specific comments by the specific famous people involved as well as a complete list of those who came to the aide of Doenitz's reputation. A mind-blowing chronicle of WWII Submarine history as pertaining to Admiral Doenitz at Nuremberg.
Joe Cortina

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Postby Dolphin » Wed May 07, 2003 10:06 pm

A letter of request for leniency was forwarded to the International tribunal of the famous Nuremberg War Crime Trials for German Grand Admiral Karl Doenitz signed by Vice Adm. Charles Lockwood (SubComPac) and Fleet Admiral Chester Nimitz (ComPac) in late 1945. The United States Navy had just waged a very successful submarine campaign and blockade of the Japanese Empire and homeland Islands - the difference was they were successful, while Doenitz in his campaign against England and her Allies was not. Prime Minister Churchill would
remark he was confident of victory on every front of the war except for the Battle of the Atlantic, for which everything else hinged, which he would relate in his writings later about the Second World War (Churchill would win a Nobel Prize for literature for this work).

Lockwood and Nimitz should be credited for doing this, essentially my interpretation in a moral sense calling a spade a spade. They too perhaps were remembering the world's reaction politically to unrestricted submarine warfare that had occurred following the end of the First World War. Back then it was proposed that a band on all submarines used by all Navies be put into effect all together. Several nations, especially France opposed this band, as France saw the submarine during the 1921 Washington Naval Conference as a inexpensive and effective
weapon for protecting her interests and her colonies overseas. While those leaders above engaged in that conference debated the delicate niceties, the submarine was here to stay.

Steve Reichmuth

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