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Rare Type XXI Books For Sale-Technikmuseum Wilhem Bauer

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Rare Type XXI Books For Sale-Technikmuseum Wilhem Bauer

Postby burrisplace » Wed Dec 22, 2010 7:34 am

If you are interested in German U-Boats, especially the Type XXI, I have some items that provide a pictorial story of this unique submarine. I am selling items I purchased at Technikmuseum U-Boat Wilhem Bauer E.V. in Bremerhaven Germany. Items included from the museum are: 1) Book – U2540 – Der Legendare detsche U-Bootype XXI by Eckard Wetzel ISBN 3-86070-556-3 (in German) book has many pictures and technical diagrams of the Type XXI – a must for any submarine enthusiast. The book is 350 pages long and is hardback. 2) Book – Technikmuseum U-Boat Wilhelm Bauer – Klein Geschichte (in German) softcover book with 150 pages packed with photos, many color photos, all focusing on Type XXI. Color fold out posted included of the Type XXI U-Boat 250 with technical information. 3) Postcards – Two of Wilhelm Bauer Externally shot, One of the Wilhelm Bauer Internally taken. 4) Sticker - of Wilhelm Bauer. All items are in mint as new condition.

As a bonus I am including the following submarine related Items: Books:
1) German U-Boat Type XXI - Siegfried Breyer ISBN 0-764-0787-8.
2) The Atlantic Turkey Shoot - James Cheatham ISBN 0-932705-09-X
Museum Booklets –
1) Museum Booklet – “Le Sous-Marin Argonaute – Cite des Sceicnes de L’Industrie, Paris”, 36-Pages, Many pictures in color covering submarines and the French submarine The Argonaute (In French)
2) Museum Booklet – Blueback By Commander Scott CS Stone – Oregon Museum of Scient and Industry – book covering the USS Blueback (SS-581) – many pictures and text.

Search for Item number 330510394173 on ebay or title U-Boat Type XXI Technikmuseum Wilhem Bauer Books Uboat.
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